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Lawmakers Miss Deadline To Repeal Nuclear Bailout Bill

State lawmakers have skipped a notable date in the attempt to repeal House Bill 6, the sweeping nuclear plant bailout law at the heart of a federal corruption case. Now opponents say it will be even harder to avoid new charges on everyone's electric bills from taking place. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.  

Because it takes 90 days for a bill to go into effect, lawmakers needed to pass a repeal of HB6 by October 1 to stop those new charges for nuclear, coal, and solar subsidies from being tacked onto all ratepayers’ electric bills.


Democratic Representative David Leland says the bill must repealed in order to restore public trust. 


"Because HB6 was created through the largest bribery scandal in the state of Ohio, we need to send a message loud and clear that these people will not get their ill-gotten gains." 


The only way those new charges can be avoided is for a repeal with an emergency clause, which needs a 2/3 majority. 


Supporters say the bill is still good policy.


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