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Democrats On Redistricting Commission Propose Alternative New Map

Ohio Channel

The two Democrats on the seven-member Ohio Redistricting Commission unveiled their revisions to Republican-drawn maps for the House and Senate at the panel’s hearing in suburban Cleveland Monday evening.

The commission is working with maps that are likely to allow Republicans to keep their strong majorities in the House and Senate. But Democrats had initially proposed maps with 44 Democratic House seats and 14 Democratic Senate seats. Map drawing consultant Chris Glassburn with Project Govern is working with the Senate Democratic Caucus. 

“Our amendment today would likely result in 42 Democratic House seats and 13 Democratic Senate seats.” 

The commission’s two Democrats, Senator Vernon Sykes and his daughter, House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes, said they hope the Republican dominated panel will work with them to enact a bipartisan ten-year plan. Another hearing will be held later this morning at the Statehouse. 

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