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State Dems Call GOP Proposed Redistricting Maps "Nakedly Partisan"

Andy Chow
Statehouse News Bureau

Two new Republican-drawn maps have been proposed for Ohio’s Congressional districts, with the state losing one member of Congress and going to 15 members. And predictably, Ohio Democrats are angry.

State lawmakers are drawing the maps because the Ohio Redistricting Commission missed its deadline last month. The House-proposed Congressional map gives Republicans 8 districts, and 5 are competitive. The Senate map has 5 Republican districts and 8 competitive ones. Both maps have 2 districts that lean Democratic. Ohio Democratic Party chair Liz Walters is outraged.

“It is a nakedly partisan attempt to further rig the system in their favor. And it’s completely unacceptable and further, it is unconstitutional.”

Democratic lawmakers were also angry at the results, but also that they didn’t see the maps before the hearings where they were introduced. The Ohio Republican Party said chair Bob Paduchik was a funeral and unable to comment.

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