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Data Shows Most COVID Cases Were Unvaccinated People, But Breakthrough Cases Rising

Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau

New data from the Ohio Department of Health shows unvaccinated Ohioans continue to make up the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID. But the number of vaccinated people who’ve been hospitalized or died has gone up, especially since the middle of the summer.

New data from ODH shows nearly 37,000 unvaccinated Ohioans have been hospitalized since January 1. And about half of those cases have been recorded since July 27. When it comes to hospitalized vaccinated Ohioans, the number has increased ten-fold during the past four months.  


As far as deaths – nearly 12,000 unvaccinated Ohioans have died this year. 543 vaccinated Ohioans have died so far in 2021, with more than 93% of those recorded after July 27. Health officials are urging people who are eligible for a booster shot to get one.  

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