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Lawmaker Wants To Grow Ohio Workforce With Scholarships And Tax breaks

Dan Konik
Statehouse News Bureau

Business and higher education leaders are backing a plan introduced by a state lawmaker to increase and retain college students in Ohio. The so-called G.R.O.W. Act is a multi-pronged approach to ramp up the population.

Republican Representative Jon Cross says the bill would establish merit-based scholarships for top out-of-state high school graduates pursuing science and technology based degrees, give tax credits to businesses that offer paid internships, and grant state income tax breaks for those who stay in Ohio for three years after graduating college.

Cross believes these investments will be returned by a growing workforce that will continue to stay in Ohio.

"It might cost Ohio, but like I said, it's an investment. And again, the folks want to be greedy and collect your taxes. We will do that years four through 99 when you live and stay here."

Cross hopes this will be a top priority going forward in the House. 

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