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Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future

Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future features interviews with Ohio and global business leaders. Host Maureen Metcalf brings 30 years of experience and success in the fields of leadership, innovation, and technology.

A regular contributor to Forbes.com, Metcalf has authored an award-winning book series on leadership and established the Innovative Leadership Institute.

Metcalf also earned a spot in the International Leadership Association's inaugural class of fellows, a select group of distinguished professionals recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of leadership through their scholarship, teaching and/or effective practice, and their commitment to the mission of the ILA.  

Latest Episodes
  • David DeRam joins host Maureen Metcalf to provide insights on his unconventional approaches and implementation of mindset training.
  • Dawn’s Chief People Officer – Jason Lioy – joins host Maureen Metcalf to discuss the motivation and implementation of this unique and inspiring drive to help each person achieve their full potential.
  • ILA’s president/CEO Cynthia Cherrey joins board chair Mike Hardy for an overview of the conference results…and how the Association is a living model for reimagining leadership together.
  • Fara Palumbo, talks with host Maureen Metcalf about the positive opportunities the pandemic presented to her HR department in launching initiatives – and making Blue Cross/Blue Shield an even better place to work.
  • Nadia Younes, Louise Carvalho, and Gamiel Yafai use CERN, Europe’s particle physics research center, as a launching point to explore inclusiveness with Maureen.
  • Surviving life as a refugee is one thing. To turn that life into a mission to empower other women is quite another. That’s exactly what Pauline Koelbl did.
  • In the second of our Connex Executive Insights series, Michelle Sanchez-Bickley of Renown Health joins Maureen Metcalf to discuss the challenges of the Great Resignation for HR departments. It’s particularly challenging in the health care sector; the strains of COVID on our medical system put particular pressure on doctors, nurses, and hospital support staff. That’s led to 30% or more turnover.
  • Sitting on the cusp of war in Ukraine. Disunity on climate change. Human trafficking. Water shortages.The list of international crises seems only to be growing. Where is the leadership that can rally us to solve these global crises?It seems sadly lacking, but the qualities for this new kind of leader are well studied and defined at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). In this episode, we'll speak with GCSP's Ambassador Thomas Greminger and Peter Cunningham about their organisation's mission, the state of global leadership today, and the type of leadership it will take to steer us through these crises.
  • When young companies scale their business, there are many challenges…some obvious, and some no one talks about. Greg Moran joins the show for a discussion about the topics that are often avoided. Some have even been considered taboo! We’ll learn about back-office processes and tooling, hiring and diversity, space: culture and people, keeping the value chain in balance, pricing and value creation, establishing ESG processes, and minimizing distraction.
  • Lord Alderdice shares his thoughts on the leadership qualities that bring peace, promote peace, and maintain peace. He also discusses the relationships driving successful conflict resolution, starting with the relationship we have with ourselves, and extending through the systems and cultures in which we operate, our past relationships, and future generations who will experience the consequences of our actions.