Ohio GOP Censures Former Party Chief For Backing Biden

Jun 20, 2020

Matt Borges at the 2016 Republican National Convention
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Republicans have censured a former party chair who has drawn scorn for campaigning against Donald Trump's reelection and asking GOP voters to pick Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

Matt Borges says the censure won't stop him from trying to prevent Trump from winning a second term. Borges calls Trump "an existential threat to the country and to the party.  Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports on the Political Action Committee Borges has set up to help the former Vice  President.

Matt Borges voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but his concerns about the candidate led to his ouster as Ohio GOP chair. Now Borges leads a group of Republican operatives creating a multi-million dollar digital, mail and phone campaign to convince specific GOP voters to cast early ballots for Biden.

“For one time in my career, I see one race where it’s important for the party, it’s important for the future of conservatism, to support the Democratic nominee this time around.”

The Right Side PAC will target voters in six swing states, focusing on those expressing unhappiness with the Republican Party’s direction under Trump. Borges says since Trump won Ohio by nearly a half a million votes, the PAC won’t be working in Ohio.