Ohio House Committee Will Examine Repeal Of Scandal-Ridden Nuclear Plant Bailout Law

Sep 1, 2020

Ohio's Perry nuclear power plant
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Republican Ohio House leaders have announced a new committee that will hold hearings on the potential repeal of the state's nuclear power plant bailout bill at the center of an alleged 60 million dollar bribery scheme.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  

Newly elected House Speaker Bob Cupp says the House Select Committee on Energy Policy and Oversight will allow an open and thorough process for repealing HB 6. 

Republican Representative Laura Lanese believes that the end result will still be a full repeal of the law. 


Lanese Bite 2: "It's helpful for transparency for the people that don't want a repeal for them to be able to put their arguments forward. I think one of the problems that we hear a lot about is that people want more sunshine and I think the speaker is allowing that process to go forward." 


HB6 is at the center of an alleged bribery scheme involving former House Speaker Larry Householder. 


Democrats criticize the new committee as just another hurdle towards a full repeal.