Ohio Senate Committee Amends Energy Bill

Jun 27, 2019

Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Credit Ohio Public Radio

An Ohio Senate committee has amended the energy bill that could bail out the state's nuclear power plants. 

Along with nuclear subsidies, the committee has restored renewable energy standards for now. Ohio Public Radi'o's Andy Chow explains.

The changes mean a residential ratepayer would pay 80 cents a month on their electric bill. That, along with higher charges for commercial and industrial ratepayers, would give Ohio’s nuclear plants about $150 million.

The Senate’s plan would keep the requirements for utilities to use a certain percent of renewable energy but lower the final benchmark six years from now. 


It also puts energy efficiency standards under review in two years and changes the policies that encourage more savings.

Subsidies are also in place for the coal plants known as OVEC, but charges are capped at $1.50 instead of $2.50. That rate will be determined by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

Several groups said they were looking over the new language and did not want to comment yet.