Senator Brown Says Trump's Call To Boycott Goodyear Is Costing Him Votes In Ohio

Aug 26, 2020


TV ads are running in Ohio criticizing President Trump's tweet to boycott Akron-based Goodyear.  

The ads are produced by The Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans opposed to Trump's re-election. University of Akron political scientist David Cohen says Trump made a significant error in criticizing the company for not allowing workers to wear his MAGA hats:

Cohen says the issue could resonate with voters around the country:

Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio tells MSNBC Trump is losing votes in Ohio because of the call for a boycott:

Brown says Trump's tweet also harms Goodyear suppliers and retailers.  Goodyear also prohibts workers from wearing material supporting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The company says it doesn't want workers promoting any political campaign outside of the scope of racial justice and equity issues.