State Representative Blames Dayton Shootings On Obama, Drag Queens And Open Borders

Aug 5, 2019

Candice Keller

Republican State Representative Candice Keller is blaming the Dayton shootings early Sunday on open borders, former President Obama, "drag queen advocates," and gay marriage.  

In a post on Facebook, she also blamed video games, "fatherlessness," recreational marijuana use, and failed school policies.  The post is no longer public, but it remains visible for friends to see.  Democratic Cincinnati City Council member Chris Seelbach is asking people to call Keller about the message, and he posted her phone number on Twitter.   Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday it would be wrong to assign political motives to the shootings. He was defending President Trump against claims by Democrats that he was slow to respond, and that he has  been slow to criticize acts of violence carried out by white nationalists, or deem them acts of domestic terrorism.