Testicular Cancer from Prevention to Treatment: Mike Craycraft of the Testicular Cancer Society

Nov 23, 2020

Mike Craycraft of the Testicular Cancer Society

November is Men's Health Month! On the new episode of Prognosis Ohio, part of the WCBE Podcast Experience, Dan Skinner talks with Mike Craycraft, testicular cancer survivor, clinical pharmacist, and founder of the Testicular Cancer Society. Topics include trends, research, and treatment for testicular cancer, as well as disparities and challenges in educating young people about about the disease.  


Show Notes:

Learn more about the Testicular Cancer Society and find out how you can support them.

Visit the TCS's parter, Manscaped's testicular cancer awareness page.

Learn more about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for testicular cancer by visiting the  American Urological Association's Testicular Cancer Diagnosis Guideline Update, Cancer.nets's explanation of the disease, including recent data, and some additional testicular cancer statistics from Johns Hopkins.

Produced by Dan Skinner and Mark Frantz

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