Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility

Tim Revell/The Columbus Dispatch via AP, File

Six state juvenile detention agency employees were disciplined following an investigation into the death of an incarcerated 17-year-old last year, including two guards who failed to immediately let medical staff know the teen was unresponsive in his cell, the agency director said Wednesday.

Multiple violations found in probe of detained teen’s death

Apr 23, 2021
Tim Revell/The Columbus Dispatch via AP, File

Two prison guards slept while on duty, one of them failed to properly conduct overnight rounds, and two others failed to conduct timely CPR on a Ohio youth found unresponsive and later pronounced dead, according to a investigation into the 17-year-old’s death released Friday.

Officials at the Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility say a 17-year-old inmate died Monday.  

A new report by a legislative watchdog for state criminal justice programs shows guards in youth prisons are more often resorting to force to control inmates.