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Buzzfeed News Reporter Details Story About Trump, Michael Cohen And Lying To Congress

A new story in Buzzfeed News says President Trump directed his former lawyer to lie to Congress. Anthony Cormier, one of the Buzzfeed News reporters who broke the story , talks to Steve Inskeep. Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit

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I finally found a film about an artist that doesn't insult me.

I finally found a film about an artist that doesn't insult me. I want to see the artistic process unfold, feel the artist's need for inspiration, and see him struggle with making paints and finding light. All this occurs in director Peter Webber's "Girl with a Pearl Earring," the best I have seen about an artist.

Perfect for an agnostic.

Two superlatives apply to writer/director Patty Jenkins' "Monster": best actress and grimmest film of 2003.

We use our little symbolic toys to look at the films of 2003.

In 2003 actors dreamed about being politicians and politicians dreamed about being film stars. Filmmakers had a jolly time playing with reality, but then that is the stuff of which their dreams are made.

As we attempt to pull together significant films from 2003, we needed to decide what form of reality we should take: film critics? historians? or just our plain old grumpy selves?

You may be ready to understand your parents better than you thought possible.

Here is modern tragedy like no other in 2003.

Here is modern tragedy like no other in 2003. While A.O. Scott in the "New York Times" reminded us of "Antigone's" "two rights adding up to a monstrous wrong," I will take one further step to say debut director Vadim Perelman's "House of Sand and Fog" has many of the tragic elements found in most Greek dramas centuries ago.

"21 Grams" is the most existential film of 2003

"In America" may be the best immigrant movie ever made in the English language.

The director has succeeded in returning our Western culture, especially America, to myths and legends of camaraderie.

What were the best CDs of 2003? We have a few ideas!


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Heads-Up For Sunday, A Super 'Blood Moon' Is On The Way

Updated at 9:50 p.m. ET A special celestial event is on the calendar for this Sunday night and experts are already raving: "A full 62 luxurious minutes of totality," says Sky and Telescope Magazine . "The Only Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019," promises NASA . "This full moon will appear to be one of the largest of 2019," reports . North and South America will get the best view of the super "blood moon," as it's known, but Europeans and Africans will also be able to watch (weather...

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