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Ohio Senate Republicans Amend Bill Ending State Takeover Of Schools


Majority Republicans in the Ohio Senate have made several amendments to a bill repeling and replacing the process used to take over failing school districs. 

But critics say the changes are another form of state takeovers. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

The new process would create a school transformation board made up of state officials and governor appointees. That board would oversee an improvement plan from school districts that continue to see Fs on state report cards.


Academic distress commissions would still takeover if a district doesn't see any improvement after six years.


Democratic Representative Joe Miller says this plan take his original bill that focused on community learning centers and adds more state bureaucracy.


Miller: "You're bringing more money to Ed consultants. You're moving taxpayer money away from the children, away from the communities that need it the most."


Supporters of the new proposal say it gives local school boards more authority while still providing input from the state.


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