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House Democrats Counter Republican Proposal With Even Stricter Gun Regulations

Dan Konik

A week after House Republicans stripped some of Gov. Mike DeWine’s gun regulations from the state budget, minority House Democrats have responded with a package of even tougher gun legislation. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports.

The five bills would require universal background checks for all gun sales, mandate secure gun storage in homes with minors, repeal the so-called “Stand Your Ground” law signed in January, allow more opportunity to seize weapons from people who are dangerous to themselves or others, and permit locally created gun legislation. Minority Leader Emilia Sykes says she’s not sure if any of these bills will have Republican co-sponsors.

“It’ll be up to the Republicans to decide who they truly work for. Do they work for the constituents of this state, or do they work for the gun lobby?”


Republicans have a supermajority. Not only did they reject DeWine’s gun regulations after the 2019 Dayton shootings, they’ve proposed bills to make Ohio a Second Amendment sanctuary state and to allow schools workers to be armed with eight hours of concealed carry training but nothing additional.


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