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Jack Marchbanks

Host and Producer of Jazz Sunday

Jack Marchbanks grew up in Dayton during the 1970s funk explosion in Southwestern Ohio. Grounded in R&B and rock, Marchbanks came to appreciate jazz much later in life. But, as the saying goes, converts make the most zealous advocates.

Since joining Jazz Sunday as a Co-host in November 2007, jazz has been the musical mainstay of Marchbanks’ cultural life. He helped establish the Rahsaan Roland Kirk Scholarship for the Arts along with his wife, Alice Flowers, Candice Kirk-Howell, and Bob Weiler. Marchbanks centered his doctoral dissertation on jazz artists’ advocacy and financial support of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Marchbanks has noted, “Jazz is an American treasure and our most important cultural export to the world. The melodies and arrangements created by its peerless artists are soul-enriching and timeless.”