Budget Plan From Ohio House Includes Tax Changes, More Money For Foster Care

May 3, 2019

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder talks with reporters about the chamber's budget proposal released Thursday
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio House lawmakers have proposed reducing state income taxes for low- and moderate-income people in their version of the two-year state budget proposal.  

It eliminates personal income tax for those earning less than 22-thousand-500 dollars a year. The bill would cut the tax by 4.7 percent for those earning between 22-thousand-500 dollars and 88-thousand-800 dollars annually. The plan also lowers a business income deduction from the first 250 thousand dollars in income to the first 100 thousand. The House bill also adds 125 million dollars to Governor Mike DeWine's education proposal, although an overall school-funding plan is also being debated separately. It elimiates the state's controversial film tax credit and doubles the 30 million dollars DeWine sought for foster care. A full House vote could come next week. The bill would go next to the Senate.