Ohio Will Get Rapid COVID Tests From Abbott Labs

Oct 2, 2020


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says the state's coronavirus testing capacity is about to expand dramatically. 

Dewine says he spoke to the head of Abbot Labs this afternoon about new testing strips, funded by the federal government.  He says the first batch of quick tests could arrive in Ohio next week.  

Dewine says the state is still looking at how best to deply the tests.

"We want to fill in whatever gaps we have left in nursing homes, becuaee this is the most vulnerable people in Ohio that we have. But also these could be used to help get kids back in school quicker.  It could be used at the college level as well."

The tests were unveiled in August, and are touted as having results within 15 minutes, with a less invasive nasal swab.  DeWine says they will be free, and won't have to be sent to a lab.