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Prognosis Ohio: Talking Health Care in the Ohio 3rd: A Conversation with Morgan Harper

In this episode, host Dan Skinner (@danielrskinner) interviewed Morgan Harper, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 3rd district in Ohio. You can follow Morgan on Twitter at @mh4ohand learn more about the campaign at


In our news round-up Dan discussed: 


  1. A controversial bill introduced in the Ohio Senate that wouldforce doctors to tell women seeking abortions that it is possible to “reverse” a medication abortion. The American Medical Association and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology both say that medication abortion “reversal” is not possible. 

2.            The sobering news that Toledo is now the largest city in the United States without a surgical abortion provider when Capital Care Network surrendered its liscense for such procedures. The facility is still open and able to provide medication abortions.


3.            The gun safety debate currently playing out in the Ohio Senate, where lawmakers recently introduced legislation that would implement a “red flag” law, require background checks for the purchasing of a firearm, raise the minimum age for purchasing, and more.


4.            The announcement that the next Democratic presidential primary debate will be held in Westerville, Ohio at Otterbein University.


Produced by Dan Skinner and Mark Franz


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