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Grow Global

Grow Global has the mission to bring educators, professionals, and students together with the purpose of talking about Global Education, Cultural and Language Immersion, Diversity, Social & Emotional Learning, The Purpose of Our Education System, among other critical topics that must be addressed.

Gaining technical, soft, and life skills, in general, is becoming more important as time goes by. Our economy changes at exponential rates and the need to learn new skills fast is empirical to grow our economy and serve our community at the same time.

For over twelve years, LifeSmart Education has been supporting the City of Grove City, Ohio by creating high-quality educational programs that enrich the lives of our youth.

Our curricula have the goal to improve students' lives by…

- Improving academic performance

- Decrease suspension rates

- Increase attendance rates

Latest Episodes
  • In this edition of Grow Global, we talk about how educators can be more inclusive with Matthew Stuart, the Head of School at Caedmon.
  • In this episode of Grow Global, Patricia Demetriou speaks with Social Psychologist Diana Milillo.
  • In this episode of Grow Global, Mr. Cory Neal speaks about the importance of cultural immersion in modern-day education.
  • In this episode of Grow Global, Mr. Lee Allen teaches us about Hybrid Learning and its role in education.
  • In this episode of Grow Global, Jingyu Li teaches us about Success in Education.
  • In this episode of Grow Global, Christine Barkley teaches us about global careers and their role in education.
  • In this episode of Grow Global, Michele Baran teaches us about mentorship and its role in education.
  • On this episode of Grow Global, Miss Angela Samuels teaches us about self-esteem and why it matters to education.
  • For our first episode, host Patricia Demetriou discusses Global Education and its subtopics with Florida International University (FIU) Associate Professor Hilary Landorf and the Assistant Director of FIU’s Office of Global Learning Yenisleidy Simon Mengana.