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Integrating Integrative Medicine in Leadership

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Mindfulness is mainstream. So is yoga. There's renewed interest in Ayurvedic medicine, an Indian system that's thousands of years in the making. How do all these fit with modern medicine? Dr. Maryanna Klatt, the director of the Center for Integrative Health at the Ohio State University, discusses these systems and more with host Maureen Metcalf. She looks at them with a researcher's eye, and finds a host of benefits in incorporating them in our daily health care, no matter our age.

Dr. Maryanna Klatt is the Director of the Center for Integrative Health at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Her research examines the impact of mindfulness for people challenged by chronic stress and burnout through her innovative program: Mindfulness in Motion. As a professor of clinical family and community medicine, she promotes whole-person health, creating educational, research, and clinical experiences for future integrative health providers.

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