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Remote Work and Mental Well-Being

Many CEOs and executives insisting on staff returning to the office full time are making decisions based on myths about hybrid work. The truth may surprise them – and you! Dr. Gleb Tsipursky busts those myths with hard data and direct experience with 23+ organizations. The bottom line: for the majority of “office” workers, hybrid work benefits both wellbeing and productivity. With mental health concerns at an all-time high world-wide, that’s a message more employers should be paying attention to.


Dr. Gleb Tsipursky helps leaders use hybrid work to improve retention and productivity while cutting costs. He serves as the CEO of the boutique future-of-work consultancy Disaster Avoidance Experts. He is the best-selling author of 7 books, including Never Go With Your Gut and Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams. His cutting-edge thought leadership was featured in over 650 articles in prominent venues such as Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and Forbes. His expertise comes from over 20 years of consulting for Fortune 500 companies from Aflac to Xerox and over 15 years in academia as a behavioral scientist at UNC-Chapel Hill and Ohio State. A proud Ukrainian American, Dr. Gleb lives in Columbus, Ohio.