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The Rise of Humanness: The Role of People in an AI World

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In their zealous rush to incorporate Artificial Intelligence, most corporate leaders are forgetting one thing: you. Chris Nolan and Michael Schindler are reminding execs to remember humanness in their plans. AI may be a great time- and money-saving tool, but humans remain an important equation in the mix. A complete reliance on AI overlooks the nuances and insights humans bring to the table. And, they warn, there’s one job that analysts already say AI may be able to do better than a human: CEO! They share their research on AI and VUCA – and the human-conserving ways companies can navigate them -- with host Maureen Metcalf.

Chris Nolan is a multi-award-winning writer and director, bringing in-depth understanding to the complex interplay between humans and AI technology. His insights, gained from a distinguished career, aid in comprehending and balancing the intricate dynamics of this digital era. His thought-provoking work on VUCA: The Secret to Living in the 21st Century, showcases his adeptness in decoding the exponentially accelerating technological changes.

Michael Schindler, a veteran, writer and podcast host, adds his transformative voice to the discussions on integrating AI with human qualities. His inquisitive approach breaks down the complexities of blending business and AI. Mike's expertise, shaped by hosting the 'Military Wire' podcast, frames his insightful outlook on the future of work.

Together, Michael & Chris consult with companies – and coach their leaders – on navigating VUCA in the business world…and understanding humanness in the process.