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How Moonshots & Robots Put Packages on Your Porch

Whether leaders accept or ignore new tech makes the difference between it disrupting their organizations – and transforming them.

Amazon’s use of new technology is a clear and major component of its success. It’s a big part of what puts packages on your porch. And, as Steve Armato reveals, Amazon wants to share that tech with others. Steve is their VP of Middle Mile and Tech. In this episode, he talks about the ways Amazon shares AI and other technologies – and how they develop that new technology in the first place.

Steve Armato is Vice President, Amazon Transportation Services and Technology. His team works with over 50,000 service partners – many of whom are small- and medium-sized businesses – enabling them to grow their businesses by transporting items on behalf of Amazon. 

With over two decades of experience at Amazon, Steve has a passion for innovating on behalf of customers, particularly at the intersection of technology, science, and operations. Prior to his current role, he spent a decade in Amazon’s Fulfillment and Supply Chain Optimization group, building large-scale predictive systems and optimization algorithms to optimize Amazon’s inventory supply chain. Steve holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Duke University.