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Among the many things Ohio lawmakers will have to decide when they come back to the Statehouse this week is what to do with Ohio’s primary election, delayed last week because of coronavirus concerns. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports.

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Republican gubernatorial nominee Mike DeWine has unveiled his new education plan, which includes cutting the amount of state standardized testing.  

The Ohio Board of Education and the state's two largest teachers unions have publicly opposed a bill in the Ohio House consolidating the Ohio Departments of Education and Higher Education with Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation. 

The Ohio Board of Education has approved a resolution opposing a bill in the Ohio House placing most of the board’s responsibilities under control of the governor’s office.  

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Since becoming Governor, John Kasich has been calling for different agencies to - as he puts it - move at the speed of business.

Public school advocates say they have the numbers to prove the funding system for charter schools hurts public school students.

Ohio largest teachers' union says it welcomes Governor John Kasich's effort to increase the money going to schools but questions how individual district allotments are being determined.  

Charter school bakers are asking state lawmakers to support legislation they say will help make their schools more effective.

The Ohio Board of Education says it's making changes to a rule that covers positions like music and art teachers along with staff like social workers and school nurses.

Ohio House Considers Capping Student Testing

Nov 18, 2014

State Lawmakers want to set a limit on the amount of time spent on mandatory testing in schools.

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A legislative committee has approved a measure that repeals a state law mandating a minimum salary schedule for teachers.

A progressive-leaning think tank and the state’s largest teachers’ union have released data they say shows mixed grades last year for Ohio’s students who need to pass a key elementary school test. 

A network of charter schools is criticizing a website called

A progressive-leaning think tank and the state’s largest teachers union have launched a new website that lays out performance and financial reviews of charter schools.

Some educators will be refunded dues or fees by Ohio's largest teachers union under a settlement of a federal lawsuit alleging the money was improperly used for politics-related activities.  

Custodians working for seven cleaning companies with contracts for many downtown Columbus buildings are threatening to strike in a dispute over wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Short-Term Teaching Contracts Becoming More Common

Aug 21, 2013

Students all around the state are grabbing their books and heading back to school. But some teachers are returning to class without new contracts.