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Ohio House Sends Congressional District Map To DeWine

SB 258/Ohio Senate

It's now up to Gov. Mike DeWine whether to sign off on a new Congressional district map that gives Republicans an advantage in 12 of Ohio's 15 districts for four years. The map was sent to his desk after the Ohio House passed it with only Republican support.

Democratic Representative Stephanie Howse says the Republican-drawn Congressional map goes against the anti-gerrymandering reforms passed by voters three years ago.

"They deserve better. We need to do better. And we need to absolutely vote this mess down."

Republican Representative Bill Seitz says Ohio is a "Red State", electing Republicans in most of the statewide races for a decade. He says there are things that matter just as much as the partisan breakdown of a district, such as any given candidate.

"Fair, ladies and gentlemen, is in the eyes of the beholder. We have followed the Constitution. We have done our duty."

Voter rights groups are now petitioning DeWine to veto the bill.

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